One’s eyeballs do not operate in seclusion. They are an exceedingly vital feature of your full person having deep influences on the body, mind and intellect.

All of the factors which form the visual system – the eyes, the muscles around and in the eyes, the neural system that head to the brain and the visual centre inside of the brain- all require a great deal of co-ordination and precision to perform at their finest. As a result of such a great number of factors working as one it is without difficulty left open to harm and impact by lethargy and stress, no matter the cause. It is also quite responsive to nutritional imbalances.

A whole-body approach to natural vision improvement involves three components.

1. Physical vision
2. Inner eyesight
3. Emotional vision

1. Physical eyesight involves more than just 20/20 vision. Physically seeing something requires 3 different skills.

Your brain initially allows you to focus on one particular aspect of your entire field of view. This acts as the first skill – balance between central and peripheral vision, or peripheral awareness.

Second, your eyes are made to converge/focus in on the specific target. (SKILL TWO: Convergence/Binocularity)

Next, your eye muscles either contract or relax to bring the object into visual focus. This skill is called accommodation

In addition, the muscles in and around the eyes must be relaxed, toned and flexible.

If you are not in a state of relaxation, your eyes will be subject to a multitude of problems, not least of which is an inability to focus.. Some of these difficulties might include: headaches, eye strain, nausea and generally feeling unwell.

2. Inner vision. This is involves all the aspects of the mind’s eye: memory, imagination, inner seeing, hopes and dreams. By using a holistic approach to visual enhancement, you will find yourself having better visualization abilities, improved memories, more vivid dreams and a more creative mind. By enhancing your mind you will find that your inner thoughts will generally become more productive. You will be able to use visualization techniques that help you to see yourself and others in a more positive light.

3. Emotional seeing. This may seem a little wishy-washy, but it is all about how we use our eyes to express our feelings and who we are. The eyes convey information to others by helping to express how you feel. Healing your eyes will help you to express yourself better through your eyes, allowing us to be open to a deeper connection to others and to give and receive more easily and fully.

Visual habits and stress are two very important factors that lead to the deterioration of your vision over time. Eye twitching, dry eyes, lazy eye and myopia are but a few of the many conditions that can result from stress and improper visual habits.

Eyeglasses can do a great job when it comes to replacing your ability to see clearly. But glasses and contacts do not address the underlying factors that produced the vision problem. Instead, over time you find yourself becoming more and more accustomed to wearing glasses.

The sooner you wake up to reality and realize that your glasses will actually make your eyesight worse, the better. The best thing to do if you want better vision, is to heal your eyes using natural methods that have been proven to work time and time again on millions of people around the world. Click the following link to discover more Better Eyesight Without Glasses.